WG3 Events

Meetings of Working Group 3

Environmental and socio-economic impacts of Mediterranean cyclones

Online meeting – 25 November 2022

Manos Flaounas: Two years of MedCyclones and two more to come: achievements so far and future perspectives

Florian Pantillon: WG1 progress and interactions with WG3

Shira Raveh-Rubin: WG2 progress and interactions with WG3

Samira Khodayar & Jonilda Kushta: WG3 progress and future steps

Maria Hadjaki: Short Term Scientific Missions in MedCyclones

Stavros Dafis: Communicating and disseminating research outcomes

Davide Faranda: Bias Correcting and downscaling reanalyses and climate simulations of Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones

Vlad Amihaesei: Impact of Mediterranean cyclones on snowfall in Romania a climatological perspective

Benjamin Doiteau: Estimating the impacts of Mediterranean Cyclones

Arman Habib: Physical modelling study on the impacts of extreme storm surges on Eco-engineering Interventions

Pieter Groenemeijer: ESSL research on storms prediction and impacts

Katerina Papagiannaki: Methods and tools to record and analyse weather-related events causing socio-economic impacts (and fatalities)

Online meeting – 10 March 2022

Jonilda Kushta: Introduction to theWG32nd year activities and planning

Samira Khodayar-Pardo: Summary of previous WG3 meetings

Manos Flaounas: Summary of relevant activities in CA19109 during the 1st year

Silvio Davolio: Announcing/Details of the workshop and training school

Robert Stojanov: Socio-economic impacts of Mediterranean Cyclones–Review paper planning

Christian Ferrarin: The impact of cyclones on coastal structures

David Schulz: Mediterranean Cyclones and Lightning Activity

Dimitra Denaxa: Contribution of cyclones to waves and sea level in present and future climate

Pantelis Kiriakidis: Aeolus wind assimilation and impact on cyclone and dust modeling

Mardarida Liberato: Concurrent precipitation and wind events: a methodology for the Mediterranean region

Erika Cepiene: Sea Level Rise Impact on Compound Coastal-river Flood Risk in Klaipeda city(Baltic coast, Lithuania): Potential for the Mediterranean Region

Christos Xenofontos: How catastrophic a cyclone can be? Inertial Stability and the Behaviour of Tropical Cyclones: implications for Mediterranean cyclones

Margarida Liberado: Stakeholdersand Medcyclonescommunity interaction

Maria Hadjaki: CA19109 STSMs calls

s in CA19109during the 1st year

 Working Group 3 Kick-off online meeting – 15 December 2020

Jonilda Kushta, The Cyprus Institute

Jonilda Kushta: Welcome and Introduction

Manos Flaounas: COST Action MedCyclones

Jonilda Kushta: WG3 objective, tasks, deliverables and milestones

Maria Hatzaki: Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

Margarida Liberato: Science Communication in MEDCYCLONES


Talks to inspire research initiatives

Robert Stojanov: Cyclones and Migration flows in the Mediterranean

Efrat Morin: Mediterranean Cyclones: space-time rainfall properties and impacts on floods and surface erosion

Emmanouil Flaounas: An overview of cyclone-related impacts

Pinhas Alpert: Some historical lessons from studying weather and climate impacts of the Mediterranean cyclones



Jonilda Kushta: Identify and catalogue different cyclone impacts and propose research approaches

High impact weather

Environmental impacts