WG2 Initiatives



1. MedCyClass: initiative on classification of Mediterranean cyclones

Med. cyclones will be classified according to processes in their genesis and life cycle. We will come up with diagnostics concerning specific processes, and together with tracking cyclones, we will potentially find several emerging classes of cyclones from the process point of view.

Members have joined the initiative and currently specific diagnostics in our community are picked.

If you would like to join, or in case you missed this opportunity and would like to hear more, please contact Shira Raveh-Rubin at shira.raveh-rubin[at]weizmann.ac.il


2. MedCPM: Mediterranean cyclones in convection-permitting climate simulations

Ségolène Berthou is coordinating the analysis of cyclones in existing CP simulations over different domains and the running of new simulations so that we can make the most of an ensemble to understand how explicitly simulating convection affects different types of Mediterranean cyclones.

More on MedCPM initiative here

For more information please contact Ségolène Berthou at segolene.berthou[at]metoffice.gov.uk


3.  AIR-SEA: Effects of air-sea interactions on Med Cyclone intensity and rainfall

Here the bi-directional air-sea interaction will be studied on sub-daily to longer time scales. Multiple mechanisms may trigger ocean heat loss, directly affecting the development of cyclones and their precipitation. SST structures (affecting the stability of the air column and result in wind convergence) or cold/dry air advection over warmer sea surface are two examples.

Contributions with high resolution simulations – either coupled or run with high resolution SST boundary conditions – for periods of several years are needed.

For more information and joining, please contact Claudia Pasquero at claudia.pasquero[at]unimib.it


4. Medicane definition (joint with WG1)

The purpose of this initiative is the definition of what exactly is a “Mediterranean tropical cyclone”, aka Medicane. In the literature, the term “Medicane” has been adopted in different ways, depending on the purpose of the study and the tool adopted for the analysis. Marcello Miglietta is currently gathering the interested community members to start a discussion on how best to combine meteorological and climate point of views to converge towards a shared definition of a medicane.

Here is the leaflet on Medicanes: Mediterranean Hurricanes. Feel free to disseminate it among your peers.

For more information please contact Marcello Miglietta at m.miglietta[at]isac.cnr.it


5. 3T: tracks task team (cross-WGs)

Cyclone tracks are the most fundamental tool we use across WGs in the action, and here Manos Flaounas aims to coordinate the best use of tracking tools, and produce a database for the tracks, including information on their reliability. Participants apply their own tracking algorithm to the same dataset (ERA5) at 2 different resolutions (0.25° and 0.5°), 4 frequencies (hourly, 2, 3, 6 h). Usually, tracking methods provide only part of the tracks (segments) and miss other parts especially the initial phase. Putting them together, hopefully the complete tracks will be captured.

More on 3T initiative here

For more information and on how to contribute, please contact Emmanouil Flaounas at em.flaounas[at]hcmr.gr