WG2 Description



Process-based understanding of Mediterranean cyclones at climate time scales

Research activities will be performed in the framework of climate prediction (past, present and future), taking also advantage of the new ERA5 reanalyses and CMIP6. By sharing and applying a variety of diagnostic tools (e.g. cyclone tracking tools, cyclone phase diagrams and decomposition of surface pressure tendency) the main aim is to identify different categories of Mediterranean cyclones with regard to their relevant thermo-dynamical processes, and to establish a widely accepted definition of the criteria that qualify some Mediterranean cyclones as tropical-like systems (known as medicanes). Results will be used to assess the ability of climatological datasets (e.g. MED-CORDEX simulations) to reproduce cyclone categories and their climatology, as well as to better understand the evolution of Mediterranean cyclone categories and their related processes in a changing climate. In synergy with WG1, results will be exploited to improve cyclones representation in weather forecasting and climate models.


T2.1: Define research protocol: catalogue of climatological datasets (past and future climate) including observations and model simulations.

T2.2: Define protocol for assessing simulations: share diagnostic tools, making them easily applicable to all partners.

T2.3: Define, propose and update priorities for improving cyclone prediction at climate scales.

T2.4: Produce and publish scientific results on cyclone processes from a climatological perspective and on their future evolution.

T2.5: Identify, invite and interact with stakeholders and perform outreach activities to increase public interest and awareness of Mediterranean cyclone-related high-impact events.


D2.1: Report addressed to Action members and stakeholders on the available datasets.

D2.2: Documentation addressed to Action members and stakeholders describing the available diagnostic tools, the protocols and techniques for assessing climate simulations (tailored to the needs of climate prediction centres). This document will be constantly updated with new methodologies.

D2.3: Report addressed to Action members and stakeholders, devoted to priorities for improving cyclone prediction on climate timescales. This report will be constantly updated during the Action and tailored to the needs of model developers and climate prediction services.

D2.4: Mid-term report of T2.4 addressed to Action members, describing scientific production so far and setting research orientations.

D2.5: Climatological overview article addressed to scientific community, on Mediterranean cyclone categories and on the future climatology of Mediterranean cyclones.

D2.6: Yearly internal report addressed to Action members and stakeholders, on dissemination strategies, stakeholder involvement and products tailored to their needs.