Asian Wedding Guests Etiquette

Asian Wedding Guests Etiquette

Across various cultures, wedding events are full of persuits and traditions that symbolize love and unity. And Asian weddings will be no exception. Whilst no two weddings are equally, there are some practices that guests should be aware of. From what to wear to what presents to bring, here are several of the important dos and don’ts of Oriental wedding guest etiquette.

Gift Offering

In Asian culture, gift-giving is a big portion of the wedding celebration. It is a method to show esteem and appreciation to the couple’s parents and their new granparents. It is also an indication of good good luck and happiness for the newlyweds. It is important to not overlook that the sum of money given as a wedding gift needs to be an even number, as unusual numbers are generally associated with funerals and mourning. It is also normal to give the gift idea in a purple envelope (called “hongbao”), as it is considered lucky in Chinese culture.

Do not offer any treat that symbolises death or mourning, such as clocks, towels, indicated and well-defined objects or products in dark-colored or light. It is also a great idea to avoid presents that are pricy, as it will never be seen as a indication of good faith or respect.

In addition to taking gifts, also, it is important to show up at the tea ceremony or San Zhao Hui Males. This is a practice that was originally performed three days following your wedding, where groom and his family went to the bride’s home to pay respects and share their gratitude to her father and mother. The family members would then serve the few a traditional Oriental tea made with reddish dates, longans, and lotus seeds.